crs inc Great Falls Montana


Complaint: A man came into my yard while my son and I were out front. He was in his early 20’s and said he was in a contest to win points to go to St Thomas. He flashed a laminated list of magazines and their pt value asking that I help him earn his remaining 3,600 points. I asked all the usual questions and even was shown a license to sell given to him by the city of Great Falls, MT. He paid $25 to get a signed sheet that allowed him to prey on the residents in Great Falls. I believed him to be legit because of the form; how stupid that was. I called the city of Great Falls and talked to the woman whose name was on the license. She said that the city does not check the businesses out with the BBB; they just get there $25. I ordered one magazine for Father’s day for my Dad and spent $40. I will never see the magazine or my money again. I’m glad I didnt give him my bank account/check. I know not to order from door to door people but he was smart and fast with his answers. And the license from the city helped alot.

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Address: 4800 hwy 377 aubrey, Texas United States of America



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