Crucon Cruise Outlet Kansas City Missouri Review


I decided to cancel a cruise reservation over six months before sailing. I called the travel agency to cancel. I was connected to a voicemail requesting my name and telephone number for return call. I left my information. I decided instead of waiting for the call back, I would send an email message. I specifically rquested CANCELLATION of the cruise reservation including my name, cruise reservation number, cruiseline, ship, and sail date. I received the following form letter demanding cancellation charges of $100 per passenger before any other action is taken, even though the form letter clearly states that Royal Caribbean Cruiseline does not require cancellation charges at this time. Consumers beware of hidden text when booking any cruise with this travel agency. Crucon Cancellation form letter: We have received notice that you are considering cancellation of your cruise reservation(s) booked through CruCon Cruise Outlet. We MUST receive the following completed “form”” from you VIA EMAIL before further action is taken in this matter. To return this form

please press the reply button on your email system

then scroll to the bottom and enter the requested information. YOUR RESERVATION(S) WILL REMAIN ACTIVE UNTIL WE RECEIVE THE FORM FROM YOU. CruCon sends cancellation confirmations back to the email address from which the form was sent within 24 hours of receiving the form. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours

you MUST contact us by phone to ensure that we received your request. Failure to do so could result in additional cruise line penalties being assessed to your reservation by the cruise line. Please remember that refunds can take up to (2) billing cycles to post on your credit card statement

depending on your card provider. Authorization to Cancel your Reservation Reservation Number(s) to Cancel: 338421 Ship Name: Jewel of the Seas Sailing Date: 11/29/14 Cruise Line Cancellation Fee: no penalty (as of today

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