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Complaint: I attended an event Crystal Bay Catering hosted for my friend Barbara did for Christmas at Sea Ranch, everyone got sick and the food was definitely not fresh. So I looked them up on the internet u2013 saw another 1 Ripoff Scams already on their Sanitation report, so I looked Crystal Bay Catering up myself on Department of Health. They inspected Crystal Bay on April 19 and they have an Administrative Compliant logged against them for bad sanitation. Barbara already did a Yelp review on them, but obviously the word did not get out in time for us – I told her you have to use the Ripoff Scams, not one looks at Yelp – so I am submitting my own review. This Catering Company ruined my Christmas Below is cut and paste from health Department , no wonder we all got sick. Inspection Results & Disciplinary Actions Crystal Bay Caterers 1728 Avenida Del Sol, Boca Raton ( County) District: Region 2 License Type: Catering Business: CRYSTAL BAY CATERERS 1728 Avenida Del Sol, Boca Raton (Palm Beach county), FL, 33432. License Number: CAT6013815 *Click inspection disposition to see detail report. Inspection Number Date Disposition Number of Violations 1110087 April 19, 2018 Administrative complaint recommended (Follow-up Inspection Required) 5 Inspector’s Note 14-42-4 Basic – Hood filter not properly installed. Center filter positioned near vertically allowing open air access into exhaust hood plenum on each side of filter. 10-17-4 Basic – In-use knife/knives stored in cracks between pieces of wood on perp table. 38-07-4 Basic – Lights in food preparation, food storage or warewashing area missing the proper shield, sleeve coatings or covers. – just outside of WALK IN COOLER. 36-02-5 Basic – Unsealed concrete floor in food preparation, food storage, warewashing area or bathroom. **Repeat Violation** 50-17-2 High Priority – Operating with an expired Division of Hotels and Restaurants license. **Admin Complaint** Count Violation 1 * Current license properly displayed 1 In use food dispensing utensils properly stored 1 Food-contact and nonfood-contact surfaces designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located 1 Floors, walls, ceilings and attached equipment properly constructed and clean; rooms and equipment properly vented 1 Lighting provided as required; fixtures shielded or bulbs protected

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Address: 1728 Avenida Del Sol Boca Raton, Florida United States


Phone: 561-338-4742

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