Crystyle Simmons Georgia Georgia


Whew…This woman not only knew he was married but didn’t give a damn..let’s start from the beginning. I started noticing change in his behavior in and outta the bedroom. . So of course I listened to my intuition. .I installed a spy app to find out what was really going on and low and behold I get all the illicit messages between the 2. Come to find out shes a stripper and escort..She saying she wants to run away with him she loves him and etc and he’s pretty much saying the same. .So I confronted him and put his butt out!!! Next 2 days he’s calling crying the whole nine yards and like a fool I took him back.he claims she was just easy ass. ..well he vows to not talk to her again blah blah lies and more lies. || Fast forward to April 2014..she searches for him on instagram and fb sending sad long drawn out you gone miss me bull..Well we are about this time separated because he would not get a job and was just being a loser. So I left and he finally gets it and got a job and started showing me he wanted to work it out and Again I try to work it out..well around this time we both shared our passwords on our fb and one day I notice a familiar name it’s her again!!! I confronted her and she brags about having him, how he told her I don’t cook clean or treat him right (all typical lies)and him sweating her and even sent screenshots of messages a few weeks ago.(Sept).Give me a half ass apology and swears shes done after I told her we were back together..but texting a few months later for him to send her a picture… || Well little does he knows divorce papers have been filed..just got my apartment and for her well…here’s her debut.

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