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CT Limousine recieved and confirmed reservations for my wife and children to be picked up from LGA on 5/5/14. The reservations were made in a week in advance. When they arrived at 630pm, my wife was informed they were shorthanded and it will be an hour delay The hour came and went, and a phone resulted in getting another 45 minute delay. I phoned the office and after many minutes of being on hold their answer was to cancel someone else’s pick up, saving my wife 5 minutes. In reality, the taxi arrived to pick them up at 905pm. 2 hours and 35 minutes after them getting into New York. This is absurd for a limousine service. They repeatedly told myself and wife that they were understaffed. They made no attempt to rectify the situation by possibly calling in more employees or outsourcing reservations they were unable to fullfill. The company has a schedule. Surely, they see the volume vary day to day. Increased volume should be handled properly and promptly. They were apologetic and lethargic. When the payment was made upon booking the reservation, they seemed satisfied with their services how they are, while offering the canned response of apology.

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