Cuban Cigar Lounge Review


This company is one of many Costa Rician internet companies that sell counterfeit Cuban cigars. Their website actually warns of buying fakes and describes how to distinguish fakes from authentic cigars. This only encourages you to believe that you will be paying for and receiving authentic Cuban cigars made at repuable cigar factories in Cuba. They will arrive in counterfeit boxes that are actually good knock offs, and have counterfeit labels, warranty stickers, and Cuban seals, however the seals will not come with valid serial numbers. The wrappers may indeed be made from Cuban tobacco but the filler is …. who knows what and the taste is definitely not Cuban. When confronted they simply say that they are an honourable business and only sell “Cuban Cigars” they will not admit that they are authentic cigars from the factory that has its name on the box. They do offer a refund if you return them, at your cost, which will put you out a hundred bucks and then hope they will give you a refund. The smokes they sent me are going in the trash, (good by $450.00) because who knows what filler is in them and thats not going into my mouth.


Name: Cuban Cigar Lounge

Country: United States

State: Alaska





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