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I recently had the unfortunate opportunity to work for Cuisine Sante International at their new Mississauga location and was not very happy to find out how the company operates, at this location at the least. nWhen the company hired me, I was given to understand the pay for the training period will be given to us after the training is done, I was wrong and so were the others who were hired at the same time.nWhen the company (Craig) hires you, the go over the details very efficiently, not wasting company time, and the new recruit is given to understand everything is all good and we will be paid, not stating the training pay which is a measly $200 will only be given to each sales associate only upon the closing of their first sale, so basically we spend all this time and money to come to work for free without being able to get anything for the time we attend work. nCraig and Ziad (Owner) will tell you their is a lot of turnover with employees coming and going, which is understandable as not everyone is fit for a sales position. Having said that though, the company hires people at a very high and alarming rate, not that I have any figures for that, but my experience of seeing people leave from the batch that was initially hired leave, I happen to know for a fact only one person remained from the 8 people that were hired, perhaps that person may have left as well.nAlso, as soon as they hire you, they tell you they have to go to trade shows to get training as well, whereas at the trade shows all we’re doing is stopping people only to tell them if they had a chance to fill out ballots for a prize of one of their cookwares at the end of the show, which I did not witness as well, so in essence their is no draw. Plus, attending the trade shows is the new employees responsibility as well as transportation is not covered and there is no pay for working for them at the trade shows, it’s free labour. nNow, having attended the trade shows and collecting ballots, the reps job is to then call all the phone numbers they have collected to get as many people as they can to attend their free live cooking show and then use pressure tactics on them to buy their products. The products do seem to be very nice looking and the demonstration they give us at the office did seem to be fun, and the food was good, but I don’t personally cook and do not have the pleasure of owing or utilizing any of their cookware hence can’t really give you a 100% feedback about their Chromo Titanium products or as a matter of fact any of their products.nSo, if as a consumer you are planning on attending their show or even buying their products, please consider the way their business is setup and how they treat their new sales staff.

Ambler Dr. (Dixie / 401) Mississauga, Ontario Mississauga, Ontario United States of America


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