Cuponismo jenkintown Pennsylvania Review


I bought a voucher through google offers for a vacation to in Punta Cana. The offer was 3-nights at an all-inclusive resort (I know sounds too good to be true). The purchaser could buy two vouchers through the offer and so I figured I’d buy two and “piggyback”” them for a 6-night vacation. nAbout a three days after purchasing I contacted cuponismo to discuss my options and ask about a government & hotel tax that had been mentioned in the fine print of the page. nFirst of all it took me three days to reach someone 8/1


8/6 (the first several days the phone said the number was out of order). I also sent an email through the webpage requesting information

which was never responded to. n8/7/2012 … When I finally spoke to someone the lady casually took my phone number and gave me an email address and told me to send my questions to her. She said a manager would contact me later that day. It never happened. nShe responded by email about 12 hours later sending me a link to a page on their site with the offer. It spelled out the amount of taxes but did not answer any of my other questions (in regards to the deadline for travel and piggybacking the offers). The link she sent mentioned no piggybacking but the googleoffers page where I bought the voucher did not mention this in any of the fine print I again needed answers. Who wants to travel 8-hours (16 roundtrip) for 3-nights? n8/8…I tried calling repeatedly throughout the day getting again the operator prompt that the number was out of service. I simply wanted to know about my other two questions. Finally in the afternoon I reached the same lady (Shelby). We talked briefly about my issue (piggybacking) and she said

“”send the link of the google offer and my manager will contact you””. Again Nothing. n8/9… I waited the entire day to hear from the office. Again nothing n8/10… I called and was surprised that someone picked up immediately. It was Shelby. I spoke with her briefly mentioning my issues. She didn’t seem to have any answers so I asked for a manager. Much to my surprise (and later my agony) a manager hopped on the line. nI told this manager that I’d be trying for a week to get answers regarding three questions and only one had been answered. The manager said I was lying and that Shelby had answered every email (Lie). I pulled up my emails and began to go through all the correspondents

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