Curves Cabaret Review


Ive been going to curves for several years. A dancer there who went by the name of “Mia” was recently fired. But before she was fired, and for most of the year, she was ripping off customers by saying they owed her more money for dances than they actually owed her. She was good at this, but she needed help. Thats where the manager Tony came in. She would go to him and he would get the customers to either pay her or leave. because of the frequency of this scam, he was was surely getting a cut. This happened to me. I owed her 40 dollars, and he said I owed her 120. He does this scam with other girls. Other girls have told me that he does this with other girls, and he likes to do this because some of them give him sexual favors instead of money. Obviously I can’t prove that, that is just what I’ve been told by several girls. I payed the money to HIM so that I could keep coming back, but they stole 80 dollars from me and ive seen it happen to other customers many times. .

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