Curves International Parksville British Columbia Review


Have Asthma? Curves International and at least one of its fancisees could care less. After several Asthma attacks at my local Curves gym in Parksville BC, Canada, followed by numerous requests to have a fan installed in the location I finally asked to have my life membership and monthy fee refunded. nThe air quality (excessive humidity from a circle of panting women) was making it impossible for me to remain a member. Fan? Refund? Not likely, in fact the owner “didn’t much like being told how to run her business”” and turfed me out. I guess my red bulging panting face irritated her. So I contacted head office and was promplty blown off there too. nAdvice

don’t bother with Curves International


their customer relations representative serves absolutly no purpose other than to weed out possible francise purchasers and wanna-be members. If you have an issue

you’re out of luck. Regarding francisee air quality requirements no one will respond to my inquiry. Perhaps one of their lobbyist members will shed some light in a rebuttle. nAnywho

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