Custom Plumbing Review


Steve came to house to give us an estimate on Nov. 19, 2018 and said he could fix the issue we had pretaining to the low area at the corner of our home in the pool area. He said he would get me the writen estimate…which I never received nor did I receive a recepit for the $650.00 I gave him for down payment. | I do have my check that he cashed. They added on to the house and they did not put a drain in so water collects in one corner of house and stands near new & Old foundation. Steve said he could fix it but would need $650.00 down and was suppose to start job on Monday or Tuesday, November 26-27. | We just bought the house and we had several expensive issues that happened after we gave Steve $650.00. On Nov. 21, 2018 I texted him and told him we were going to have to cancel, for now, since we ran into a couple of issues. | I do have the text message of my text and his text stating that he would stop by after he got back into town. He was leaving town for Thanksgiving…never heard from him again. | We have called and sent text messages with no response from him…he ripped us off for $650.00. We are retired my husband is 100% disabled vet and this was a very costly lesson for both of us. | please be very carefull do not hire him am not sure how I got his number it was either through some site I went on to and they must of sent him a message to respond to my email. | It is dumb and I was so overwhelmed with the move and all the issues we ran into after buying this house…expensive issues….that I was unpacking, hiring help on line most of the time, because we know no one in this area…


Name: Custom Plumbing

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Palm Harbor


Phone: 727-666-5129


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