To it may concern, I am writing this report after reading a similar report and seeing Custom Vacations Mexico’s response stating that they are not a ripoff when I also know this to be true and have experienced the same scam. I request if Custom Vacations is a true company, I request them to rebute my report and contact me to resolve as I am a true client and below is my story. My family and I purchased a timeshare from The Grand Mayan in Cabo San Lucas (a.k.a. VIDA Vacations/ The Bliss Resorts) by Stephanie Miller on 7/14/2013. Please keep in mind that the property of Grand Mayan and the timeshare is legit and is a beautiful property, please just make sure you know what you are purchasing and sleep on it first. Our story is to explain the process and warn you in regards to The Timeshare/Vacation Ownership Rental process and of Custom Vacations Mexico: We purchased the timeshare for the main purpose of selling our first timeshare to them and in turn the new timeshare was a a beautiful property and less expensive per month for a higher amount of weeks per year. Also we purchased the timeshare due to the incredible deal we looked like we would recieve, through the value of renting out our 3 weeks for $800/week and a refund of the maintenance fee every year. Stephanie was insistent on the fact that we could recieve about $800/week on our 3 weeks, and then her Manager met with us and drew a diagram (you know, backwards on a yellow notebook paper) explaining everything as well. Then, they even gave us a list of Vacation Ownership Rental & Resale Companies that we could choose between to use as soon as we return. However, they do say in a hushed voice afterwards that they can not recommend us purchasing the vacation ownership for a purpose of renting them our or an investment purpose. But the key purpose that I purchased the timeshare, as I explained to them was to rent out the weeks I was not going to use and Stephanie and her manager said that was a good idea and she even pointed out the one she would recommend we use which was Golf Network by CVM (Custom Vacations Mexico). When we got home excited about using our new timeshare, and the fantastic properties… that is when reality hit: First, it turned out that they did not purchase our previous timeshare from us as they told us they did, nor did they use our equity from the previous timeshare. They only used it as a sales tactic, and somehow used it internally. We now are the proud owners of TWO timeshares…great. Second, and the most important fact I recently came to realize is that the Timeshare Rental process is a rip-off. Within about 2 weeks after we returned home, I called two rental companies to both try and verify the company and to see the options on price and the rental price I could expect to receive. We chose Golf Network by CVM as they sounded easy to work with and they said they would rent out both properties for us and should expect them rented by May or June 2014. The membership fees were $442 for one property and $222 for the second= $664 total for Lifetime Membership (Keep in mind, at the time I could not find any reports or scam incidents online to make me suspect anything and I did my due diligence). I called on April 3rd and scheduled a call with Emma Kutash, our representative to let us know our status, but Emma never called back. Then, I emailed Emma at (email address removed by admin) and (email address removed by admin) , but no response or notification. I then called back in May and was told by the receptionist that Emma is simply a sales representative and that my weeks have not been rented and will receive a call or email notifying me when they have been rented. It is now September 26, 2014 and after not recieving a call back or email, I attempted calling again but the number is disconnected, the website is down and there are 12 reports explaining how other people have also been scammed/scammed. I am so frustrated and disappointed as we thought this would be a fantastic way to rent out unused weeks. I hope that you read this before it happens to you as well. Please keep in mind, that I am happy with my Timeshares and our family have traveled to some wonderful countries through RCI and Interval International Exchanges, so I do not believe that a timeshare is a scam, but you must be careful with your purchase and know exactly what you are recieving before you make your purchase. As I stated, I would encourage Custom Vacations Mexico (if they truly exist and are a true company) to refute my story and refund my $664 or prove me wrong. Thank you for listening. .

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