CW Loans Casper Wyoming Review


I was looking for a persoanel loan. They required very little information! Once you apply, they tell you that a representative from one of their lenders will contact you. My representative was en Smith from CW Loans. He had anaccent and his number claimed to be from Adams, NY. He confirmed my information that I had already filled out online. I tried to call them and the guy who answered is like Ben is trying to call you! Hang up and answer his call. He then called me back with a loan offer for $20k for five years at 8% interest with no prepayment penalty. Once he confirmed my info, he launched into his Amazon gift card bit. I was to go purchase 1 $200 and 1 $150 gift card for Amazon. Then when he called back, Amazon would confirm my cards. Then I could spend the cards however I wanted or use them for my first payment. He said that I had to use cash only when buying the cards! While we were speaking I was getting suspicious. I googled them and ended up finding that this was a scam. I have stoped answering their constant phone calls! When he called back after like the 6th time in 5 min, I told him I had the cards. Then he transferred me to who was suppose to be an Amazon rep.. The next man also had an accent and tried to get the numbers off of the card. I then told him I wanted to speak with his supervisor. he put me on hold and then came back trying to be the supervisor with a strange different voice! When I confronted him about the scam he got angry and hung up on me! He then called me back! l I then told him I knew what he was up to and that I would be putting this on the internet and reporting him to the FBI. I am lucky I didn’t lose any money! I to signed up with (((REDACTED)))!

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