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Cy Fair Pools has built a poor quality pool and Scott the owner of Cyfair Pools has not returned any of my many phone calls. Every phase of the project I had to stay home from work and supervise the contractors because Scott refused to be on site.* Coping stones around the pool are not seated properly and have a hollow sound when tapping on them – they will come lose in a short time.* The pool light was placed in a poor location behind a wall and does not light the pool appropriately.* The water fall is more of a water trickle.* The cleanup crew left a large amount of dried concrete chunks in the yard everywhere.* The cleaner inlet for the automated suction clean is placed a location above a bench – which in time the hose will run the surface off the bench.* The plumbing was installed incorrectly the first time and the plumbers had to come out and dig it up and cross over 2 pipes. In the process they left the electrical tubing only a few inches below grade which is a possible hazard.* The side sprayers are still capped off and never installed.* During the digging of the pool Scott never showed up except for a few minutes at the end. The crew did not have any instructions other than an incorrect old drawing. I had to supervise the dig and show them where to dig and place benches and walls.* During the tile installation again Scott never showed up. They brought the wrong time and where delayed and ultimately we had to compromise on our tile decision just to get the job done.* During the peeblesheen installation again Scott never showed up – and they sprayed concrete on our window screens.* I have received no written instructions on pool operation and Scott has only told us bits and pieces of how to break in and run the pool.* The pipes are running up the side of the pool for the sprayers and are not installed inside the wall or at least plastered in some how.*** Scott refuses to answer my phone calls and will only occasionally text me. He treats the contractors the same way.

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