CyberCellulars Glenwood Springs Colorado Review


On 10/21/2008 I bought a phone from, also has a retail store in Spring Hill, FL. nThis is the description of the phone on my invoice. This was what was on the website as well:nCyberCellulars, Inc. – Invoice# 5419300nBRAND NEW SAMSUNG SPRINT UPSTAGE II M620 CELL PHONE t1 t$139.99 t$139.99nSubtotal: t $139.99nInsurance: t$2.00nShipping (USPS Priority): t$10.00nTotal: t$151.99 nI received a USED samsung sprint upstage II, and the phone was dirty and said “Beyonce”” on it in gold cursive letters. In the picture that was advertised

notice that there is a white sticker covering over where “”beyonce”” is written. When I received the phone and took off the white sticker and saw ‘Beyonce’

I was extremely dissapointed. This company is deceptive. nI called and talked to a manager named “”Calvin””. He told me he could only replace it for a different used phone that said beyonce on it. I told him the picture or description didnt say it was the beyonce special edition and the description said it would be new. He got angry and hung up. nIt is STILL being advertised as brand new.nhere is the website of the exact product I bought: nIt still doesn’t tell you it has Beyonce on it. It just says it’s a ‘wine’ color. ngive me a break. i cannot be caught using this cell phone. i don’t like beyonce

and i’m a guy. nChadnGlenwood Springs


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