Cynthia Delgado Dalas, Texas Texas


I was in a wonderful and outstanding relationship with a man for almost 8 years and this homewrecker Cynthia Delgado stepped in and destroyed everything we had built. Although he was a significant amount of years older than I, we fell in love, hard, and started building something. He had children from other”girls” before me that I have known since they were in car seats and proudly took them on as my own, loved them as my own and got attached to them, to the point that they knew me as a mother. That’s another reason why this hurt me so bad, when I found out about this girl Cynthia. We had romantic nights outside at the park, staring at the stars while the chill breeze of the wind grazed against our bodies. Yes we had our problems like any other relationship but never anything that made me think this would happen. The last 6 months of our relationship was something that I had never experienced. He was more angry about things that didn’t matter before and would come home a bit later or leave a bit earlier for work. He started not answering the phone or giving me excuses for why he wasn’t responding to me trying to get in contact with him. We’ve always had a relationship were we would call to let each other know if we were going to go out somewhere with friends or do anything without each other. During that same time we were battling with the fact that I wasn’t sure whether or not we would be able to have a child. Which he insured me that he would do everything in his power to make it happen. We were together for so long that it was the only thing I could or sometimes still could wish for was for us to bring a healthy, beautiful child into this world. I was in college at the time and was going through a rough patch emotionally with everything going on and his attitude changing at the same time. One night he called me and said his best friend was having a barbecue at her new apartment and if I wanted to go, which I replied no to and told him it was okay for him to go alone. I only trusted this because I knew the girl and knew he had no attraction to her and that we were all friends. I’m not really the social networking type of person but I do have a Facebook that I browse on, which is how I found this site. Everything was okay until I had gotten on Facebook one day and seen a message from this Cynthia chick. She was claiming that my ex was supposedly with her and was telling her that he loved her and wanted to be with her and she thought she was pregnant and wanted to know if we were still together. I was sitting right next to him when I opened it and I turned around to question him about it and he totally denied everything. Saying that she was a liar, that she was trying to talk to him a long time ago but she was nothing but a whore and not to worry about her because she just wants to ruin what we have and break up our family. I believed him and responded to her as a women and let her know that yes we were still happily together and had been for almost 8 years, that I wasn’t going anywhere, I would always be in his life no matter what and that we were planning on having a child and to please leave him alone and let our family be. Thinking that she would take the hint, be a women and step back from the situation after I informed her, I left it alone. Soon after I found out that the best friend who’s barbecue he went to was the one who introduced my ex and Cynthia, when she was supposed to be a friend. Later on after seeing a message that popped up while I was playing with his phone, it became clear that he was entertaining her bullshit and leading her to believe otherwise. I confronted him and he continued to lie so I left him. It was hard because I’d loved him since I was in grade school and had never been with anyone during the time we were together, but I couldn’t allow it. || But to no avail, although he has been in an actual relationship with her for the past year and now supposedly they aren’t together, by his and her word, he still calls, comes to visit me, tells me he loves me, that I’m not going anywhere and I’ll be his forever and that he needs me, Makes plans for us to go places or do things. Still brings the children around me, which they still call me mom, and his family as well. Oh and yeah by the way, the Cynthia chick ended up pregnant and is now giving him hell when it comes to the child. Yes I do still love him at times and that will never change because we were together for so long and invested so much into what we had but I can never forgive him because Not only did this homewrecker step into our lives and ruin what we had but he gave her what I had dreamed about for us. She knew exactly what she was doing when she started this 8 months before I found out. And she definitely knew when I told her. She chose to barge in and ruin another women’s home. Which tells me that she will do it to anyone, so ladies beware of this homewrecking hussy. If she was a real women, when I informed her of our relationship, she would have backed off then but she kept going with it thinking she was going to make him leave me alone. Now when she brings the child they have together to see him, she gets mad because the children tell her they’ve seen me but it’s only karma because I told her I wasn’t going anywhere. || Although I don’t want him and we’re not together, it’s a bit funny to see how she reacts when she knows that I will always be apart of his life and in his soul. She made everything I worked hard for go down the drain just because she couldn’t keep her legs closed and be a lady. Had she not been stalking him for 2 months and continuously pushing herself on him, none of this would have ever happened and we would still be together, have a happy family and be enjoying our lives today. Cynthia Delgado has no morals and cares nothing about a real women and ruining their families nor does she respect people’s boundaries.

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