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Mrs. Pyfrom is a relatively new attorney and started her own practice after being fired from her previous practice for laziness. As a new start she asked my wife, who was considered a friend, to help set her books up. it was determined that the way she was operating her books was highly illegal, which my wife then set about fixing. My wife already has a full time job so was working Mrs. Pyfroms business in the evenings and weekends, often until 2-3 AM, causing her to miss a lot of time with me and our 6 year old son. When time to invoice and pay came around, Mrs Pyfrom completely changed her tune. she accused my wife of not doing the hours that she said she had done (Which she has a computer log of in quickbooks) and over charging. This was right before the holidays, and my wife had taken on this job so we would be OK for Christmas. She has since just refused to pay the $2,450 bill for the work my wife did, but there was no contract in place, it was a favor to a friend. On a side note, she is a family law attorney and specializes in Divorces. Please do not take my word for it as it is public record, she has a long history of non payment of bills. She has a foreclosure on her record and a bankruptcy. How does the Florida Bar Association allow someone with this kind of history, practice law? Not only practice law, but give financial advice to vunerable people, when she doesnt even pay her own bills. There are many good attornies out there, if god forbid you need a divorce attorney in the State of Florida, avoid her at all costs. Feel free to check the clerk of the courts records for Palm Beach Florida, to see for yourselves. we are now $2,450 out of pocket for a lot of work done (At $25 an hour figure those hours out). She is not to be trusted and is a liar. You have been warned. .

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