Boynton Beach Florida Review


My wife has lost the two previous diamond tennis braclets so I thought getting CZ would be good. It looks good but is inexpensive. While on-line searching I found and ended up ordering a ring too. nI learned quickly that this company was not good because I paid extra for two-day delivery a week before Christmas and ended up getting the jewelry two days after the holiday. When it finally did arrive, the quality of the ring and bracelet was way below standard. nI sent the ring back because the three stone ring had three very different size stones in it. They rejected it twice before finally accepting and correcting the issue. They agreed to refund the rush delivery charge as it was entirely their fault. They also agreed to refund the multiple shipping charges for the ring also since they kept rejecting it. nOf course, they told me look for the credit on your next Visa statement. After a month a called and so credit yet and they told me it will go in this month but again no credit a month later. I then got internet Visa access and could tell within days they were lying to me when they said the were crediting. nAfter several months, I requested a check. After two weeks I called back and they said they would put a stop payment and send it via UPS. I never expected and knew I had been ripped off many weeks earlier but gave them the benefit of the doubt. It is now a month later and the check never arrived. nThe CZ tennis bracelet arrived broken and if it didn’t the lightweight gold colored material would have broke soon anyway. If you are considering buying from czPlatinum, STOP!!! You are very likely to get ripped off. nI was told at least a half dozen times that “Lisa””

the manager

would call me back but that never happended. Nothing they agreed to was ever sent hardcopy or email to me so evidence is kept to a bare minimum if at all. This outfit is a fraudulent business and in my opinion will continue to steal until someone shuts them down. BEWARE!! nKeithnBoynton Beach


611 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 700 Los Angeles, California U.S.A.

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