Dacor Bel Air Maryland Review


We would never by another Dacor product again. We’ve owned a side-by-side Dacor refrigerator that broke down after 18 months. It was still under warranty but Dacor couldn’t produce the repair parts for more than a week because according to the Dacor Warranty Department they were “back ordered.”” As of this writing

we have been without a functioning refrigerator that is under warranty for ten days. When we called Dacor Customer Service to find out why they were slow in shipping the parts

they had no explanation. When we asked them for a written explanation from the President of Dacor

their response was “”he [the President] rarely comes in the office.”” At the same time

we also purchased a Dacor built-in Coffee maker. It was installed and developed an internal leak within two days which ruined our hard wood floors. That unit was replaced reluctantly with another unit after much fighting with Dacor. The replaced unit started leaking after another eight months. We were notified that Dacor removed the built-in Coffee maker from there product line because of the troubles they had with the product. We replaced the Dacor Coffee Maker with a Miele model and have been very pleased. We will never purchase another Dacor product again because we believe them to be unreliable … but worse … we don’t feel the Company cares about their products or its customers.”

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