Dale’s Contractors Oklahoma


Complaint: Do NOT do business with Dales Contractors I will not give specifics about what I have been through what I will say is consider yourself warned. From day one it has been nothing but the run around and never a straight answer on the amount that would be paid or even when. I did several houses for this company and COMPLETE trash outs and have never gotten paid for any of them. The office crew is amazingly disrespect and will laugh in your face as if you are crazy when you ask for the money that is owed (several months after completion )! I would like to know how you sleep at night knowing what you are doing to people. It is very disheartening that they can do this to people with no remorse for their actions. The “thousands”” of dollars worth of hard work that i have completed and submitted correctly that has yet to be paid for but the office staff/family sure does get their check. I will continue to fight to get paid for the work that Dale’s Contractors got paid for. If you don’t believe what I am telling you look them up on OSCN. As I pray for strength to get thru the financial burden that has been placed upon my family and children I also pray for several other family’s that I have personally spoken to that have been affected by Dale’s Contractors and yet they continue to get away with this sick game. Godu2019s wrath is to be feared because we are justly condemned sinners apart from Christ (Romans 5:1).”

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 11184 E Skelly Drive Tulsa , Oklahoma USA


Phone: 918 949 3275

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