Dalilah boutarfa of the U.K.


Dalilah boutarfa is an undocumented migrant in England who is married to nidhal BenaissaThey have 3 childrenKatia Assma BenaissaLinda BenaissaAnd Sarah BenaissaDalilah boutarfa has been hearing voices for almost 20 years now believe to be the Holy Spirit talking on behalf of GOD who keeps her updated on current misfortunate events that are occurring in her daughter Linda Benaissa’s life!The Holy Spirit tells the future to Dalilah despite dalilahs abusive history toward Linda Benaissa who grew up in foster care in England!Dalilah boutarfa sleeps on the kitchen floor in a converted garageShe may be abusive but the power sockets blew up 3 times she has to move!These are the pictures of where Dalilah boutarfa and her abused daughter Linda Benaissa and her father nidhal Benaissa lived in London in a converted garageWhile Katia Assma BenaissaHeard voices just like Dalilah boutarfa who guided her while complying as a high class prostitute while being under investigation for molestation!Where is God??Linda Benaissa should not be living under these conditions and stuck in a life with her past abusers!What was the point in foster care?And most of while why is Katia Assma Benaissa hearing voices instructing her on high class prostitution after Katia molested Linda BenaissaCAN GOD STAND UP AND COMPLY AS GOD?Or does Linda Benaissa have to do everything here?!

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