Dallas Motors Review


I saw & bought an 07 Nissan Titan advertised on 5 Miles with 125k miles. When I got there and looked at the truck, it showed 118k miles. It also had damage that was hidden strategically out of the frame of the pictures. They dropped the price a bit and I bought it thinking I had a good deal. After about 1 month, I was interested in trading for another vehicle is when I found out the actual mileage was 184k thru the Carfax. The changed mileage was not disclosed at any time of the sale or mentioned in the original ad. Mileage roll back is Illegal and is a Federal Felony which I’m going to report ASAP. I tried contacting them but they have blocked me and since they’re not willing to take care of the situation, I’m forced to go to the authorities. Beware of this Scammer!


Name: Dallas Motors

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Irving

Address: 1405 N Union Bower Rd

Phone: (817) 710-6012


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