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Re: Order #[protected] Delivery of my online order is overdue. I rang Dan Murphys on 26.11.18 to find out why my order had not been delivered. I was told by your representative that she would make a request for someone to chase up my order and that someone would ring me back. To date I have still not received a callback. I rang Dan Murphy’s again today and was told by your representative “Tee” that she did not know what was happening with my order and that it was a matter between me and the supplier!! She also stated that it was Xmas and that there was nothing she could do about chasing up my order. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was told “I’m not allowed to do that”. I asked her to “ring” the supplier and ask what is happening with my order and to ring me back today with an answer. Tee stated that she would definitely ring the supplier and call me back today with an update. I’m still waiting for her callback! I explained that I have paid for my online order in good faith, following a marketing email sent to me by Dan Murphy’s. I am asking nothing more that to be advised of ‘when’ my order will be delivered and why there is such a delay when the stated timeframe for delivery on your site is 4-10 days? Regards Stephen Davidson

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