Danaher Corporations


I am a college student. I was searching for a job. Later i heard back from Danaher Corporations which is fortune 500 company. The employer responded from indeed to my email and wanted to set up a job briefing and online interview all over google +. The recruiter told me to add the Hr department and the manager to google so we could talk. The recruiter gave me a referral code to tell the manager. Later the interview started later that day but it was all over instant messenger of google + . Secondly, I tried to video chat the manager he didn’t answer and was about five minutes late to respond to start the interview. The online interview/job briefing lasted over 90 minutes via google + . I gave them referrals with names and numbers that they requested. They Told me I was going to get paid 27 dollars an hour to work as a data entry clerk. They said they would send me a check to purchase the company materials I needed and I could keep like 100 dollars of it. I as supposed to deposit in my account and verify with Danaher with a snapshot or scanned copy. Overall It was the biggest waste of time and extremely draining emotionally and extremely time taxing. I went on indeed. com to find this application. The scam was complete detective. Later someone told me it was a scam.

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