Dancy Automotive Group, Queens Luxury Dealer Woodbury New York


Complaint: The games begun with my initial phone call about their advertised price on cars.com regarding a used Lexus and if there were any other additional fees. I was told just tax, title, and tags over the phone. So, I drove down there and took a test drive with Jose. He took me for a very, very short ride around the block and I requested to go around again and he agreed. I would have really preferred a much longer test drive especially when I was considering spending a lot of money on a car. After the test drive, he passed me off to Ziggy who negotiated a deal with me. Ziggy wanted to charge an additional, exorbinant fee for a “customer loyalty rebate””. I was really upset considering that I was not informed about this via my prior phone call. I negotiated to pay about a third of this fee only because there were not many used Lexus GS models with the dark interior available at this time and the car was a gift for my wife and I was under time constraints before the holiday. Under normal circumstances

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Address: I would have walked out and not dealt with these jerks. Furthermore

Website: they wasted a few hours of my time. I had believed that they were going to follow through and continue to search for a clean used part

Phone: the car was filthy and unknowingly the interior rear view mirror was defective ( at the time I thought it was just dirt) and that it would be resolved through a car detail. Ziggy agreed to pay for the car detail which didn’t resolve the mirror issue. Initially they seemed like they were going to take some responsibility for selling me a car with a defect. I came down one day and their mechanic found a used mirror to replace it. However

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