Dania Beach Boat Club Review


Get your boat out of there – FAST Owner foreclosed twice! Damaged my boat and promised to fix it – never did though signed contract for it. They lost my trailer / got stolen though i had brought my boat in on it. Promised to take care of it – never did and now recommends me to sue them. They changed the price for storage though we have a contract and was never notified of a raise of price. when commenting i was told they would put a lean on my boat if i did not pay the false invoice. Living abroad so ended up paying some 600 USD ekstra just to get my boat out of there. They had even falsified the contract and made the 212 USD into 1272 per month, and said that if i would not pay the now 300 USD per month and 4 months backward, they would now invoice 1272 !!! Their workshop was to fix my boat. Got a false quote. later they got a different mechanic. Asked him to make a quote. Asked for the repair to be made. Had the same problem out on the water again and turned out to just be a loose bolt. First quote was act.750, second that i paid 250 USD Wasted for something that was not broken. They have changed the team up there every few months since they all steal (according to the owner Mike Lally) I am not able to report my trailer stolen, since i have a contract with them and they have “misplaced” the trailer, so i leaves me no choice but to sue the company and owner. Once i started there i had another boat as well. When trying to sell this, their staff was shoving my clients other boats for sale, since i was 5 minutes late. My boat had been brought in completely detailed. When i shoved it to the potential costumers it was sooooo dirty and people had been all over the boat with shoes on and dirt and grease… very bad impression for costumers to see. Costumers emidiately took the boat out after a week and in this time they had managed to scratch it as well!! I can only recommend everyone to stay away from this place!!!


Name: Dania Beach Boat Club

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Dania Beach

Address: 90 N Bryan Rd,

Phone: 954-920-5595


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