Danielle Avila San Bernardino, California California


Where do I begin. Well I moved out here after having my daughter where we met Danielle. She was our across the street neighbor. She would constantly want my husband, my kids and I to go over her house and hang out. I didn’t feel comfortable around her because she seemed like she had other motives on why she wanted us there. || Well we ended up moving and I got pregnant again in 2014. My husband and I were arguing a lot and he would always leave. Well one day we were fighting and he took off to a friends house. He says that he asked his friend to find him a ride and the friend called Danielle. So Danielle picked up my husband (FYI who was drunk) and took him to her house where she slept with my husband. To me this is the worst kind of female. Someone who knows the couple and their children but will still sleep with him. I feel like that was her goal from the moment I met her. || I never thought my husband would cheat on me but to do it with someone I know makes it worse. She even had the nerve to send me a message on Facebook like she was proud of what she did. So that’s why I’m exposing her.

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