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Me and my husband have been together 11 yrs and married for almost 9 yrs and have 2 children. A 3 yr old little boy and a little girl who will be 1 this month. We’ve had many ups and downs and when I was pregnant with our daughter in 2012, we had a lot of issues that just kept building and he moved out for 2 months and then we decided to try again. Our daughter was born in May 2012 and everything was going good….not perfect but better than before. || Fast forward to November 2012 I noticed he started going out more, not coming home, turning his phone off etc. In December I told him I was done and tired of being hurt. Since Christmas was right around the corner we decided to wait until after the holidays with our 2 children and then we would go our separate ways. Christmas came and went; we talked it over and decided that we were going to keep trying instead of breaking our family up. January of 2013 he went out and got drunk and didn’t come home. The next day he asked if he could come home and I said no I need time to think. So he tells me that he’s staying with a friend and he will get us our own place again (we live with my parents due to economy and money issues) and that he promised he would start doing right by me and our kids. February is when I found out about her and that friend he was staying with was actually her. All the while we are supposed to be taking things slow and work out our issues. They first tried to tell me that they were just good friends and itís not like that. I didn’t believe it for a minute. So I checked his phone records and found out he had been talking to her since early December. I was completely devastated. How could he do this to our family? To me? I’ve always been by his side and loved him no matter what! Even stood by him while he was in prison for 18 months. There was nothing he asked of me that I wouldn’t do. || This woman called my phone, threatening my life because I drove to her house looking for my husband while our 3yr old son was sick running temps of almost 105. Why flip out on me if y’all are just friends? This took such an emotional toll on me I couldn’t eat, sleep, my work at my job was slacking big time…it was all I ever thought about. †About 3 weeks ago we decided to go out of town just me and him to see if there was anything left between us and there definitely was/is. In the meantime the other woman took his clothes over to a friend of his and threw all of it in the yard in the rain. Then the following day she went back and took his stuff back to her house. After I left work that day I just had this feeling something wasn’t right so I checked the phone records and saw she had called him. I went straight home and my husband was not there so I drove straight over to her house. She came out of her house telling me that he wasn’t there and I needed to get off her property. I see my husband walk out of the house and shit hit the fan. We fought outside her house, my husband standing between the two of us. I punched my husband a few times yelling that he promised me she was out of the picture. I left him there and went home. He shows up at our house crying telling me I had it all wrong. He went there to get his clothes and to tell her it was over. || After all this happened she continued to text him including nasty pics of herself 50 text messages in less than a day and a half. I blocked her number from his and my phone. Just the other day she friend requested him on Facebook and he told me and denied the request so she’s now blocked from our Facebook page. This bitch is nothing but a drug addict attention seeking whore. She has a 5yr old of her own and she can’t pay her rent or electric cause sheís too busy shoving pills up her nose and expects my husband to pay the bill to turn it back on.† She also gets food stamps so my hard earned money buys her groceries while she spends hers on drugs and alcohol. She knew damn well he was married to me. She was the cousin of his friends wife and has met me on more than one occasion during cookouts, birthday parties etc. I was friends with his friendís wife but I feel like I was betrayed by all of them. I found nasty messages from her and disgusting pics she would take of herself and send to him. She’s nothing but white gutter trash!! || Who the hell do these women think they are to step in on someone’s marriage? Yes we had our problems but that’s no excuse. In the end, I have my husband back and my babies have their father back! I do love my husband with all my heart….1 day at a time and hopefully with time ill begin to heal and move on from this. Maybe we can make it through this, maybe we wonít. Only time will tell. As of right now, things between my husband and I are great! I try not to bring it up and he doesn’t bring it up either. || Beware of every female! They are worse than some men!!!

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