Danielle Janine Jewelry/Shopdani.com/Bella Sole Columbus Ohio Review


I have a facebook account. Part of facebook is a game called mafia wars. The game has “offers”” that earn the players reward points for use in the game. One of the offers said “”Bella Sole/Danielle Janine Jewelry 9 dollars and FREE shipping. I clicked on the link

picked out a piece of jewelry for 9 dollars

and completed the form. nThere were drop down boxes on the left to choose which piece you wanted

and a form for name and address on the right. it then clicked to the credit card entry page which still said 9 dollars plus free shipping.I have now received 2 pieces of jewelry from them in just a few days

so I looked at my online banking account and saw where they charged me 68 dollars 3 times! nI IMMEDIATELY called them

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