Dar Hall Overby Review


DAR HALL OVERBEY – Piermont Triad Area drives Yellow Jeep | mugshots.com/US-Counties/North-Carolina/Guilford-County-NC/Dar-Hall-Overby.106898340.html | He will “repair” your computer for the price of new one – if you are lucky. He is NOT a member of BBB and uses the sign unlawfully. | I had a failed HDD and brought my PC to his repair shop – back than at RAD PC on Main St in High Point. He could not salvage the HDD, or so he claimed, but could transfer the data and sold me a used HDD. There were at minimum 3 people who came to the shop while I was there, all to whom he sold refurb HDD because he “could not” salvage their original HDD, or so he said. | Well the HDD Dar Hall sold me failed 2 days later, I purchased another refurb from him and paid for yet another data transfer, this time the HDD only worked until I got home. | I went back and attempted to get my money back – no go. All I got out of him was my original HDD which was “fried”, he said…… After I got home and installed it on my PC – A MIRACLE – all my data there inclusive resume of his girlfriend STACY MARIE OSTLER. mugshots.com/search.html?q=stacy+marie+ostler | Those 2 individuals keep moving around High Point, Lexington and Thomasville and Kernersville area – telling people their HDD is fried so they can sell them a refurb, charge for data recovery and re sell their original HDD they leave behind. The last time I checked he was driving a YELLOW JEEP | They can both be easily found on mugshots.com and both have a lengthy criminal records. | There is no longer a location on Main St. because the Rent had not been paying rent as I was told by the owner, back when I took Dar Hall Overbey to Court trying to recover damages. Needles to say I never seen a penny after judgment had been awarded, so do your self a favor and avoid those two like a PLAGUE


Name: Dar Hall Overby

Country: United States

State: North Carolina

City: High Point

Address: 1302 W. English Rd



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