Complaint: DAREN TECH claimed to be the best internet site designer. But they are actually Chinese based company. First of all, they charge you sales tax on the web design and you pay a Chinese paypal. This is wired! If I am paying a Chinese paypal account, why I have to pay the sales tax in the US?2nd, they will never proform their job as they promised. They gave me a crappy website in 4 months and asked me to pay the rest 50%, otherwise, I cannot have the password to look at the control panel. After I paid the 50% payment, I have the password for the control panel. But they would not allow me to change anything to my page. They said, they would do every change for me until I am satisfied. But 2 months later, i am still waiting for me to finish the changes. Every tiny little changes that they would do for me takes weeks. It’s very strange! I thought every website designs have to user friendly. This is not a good business practice. That you are the web designer and you help your customer to build a site that only YOU can make changes. They make things like this, because you cannot take your site and move somewhere else. They know they cannot provide you excellent service to keep you. I will NEVER use them again!

Tags: Internet Marketing Companies

Address: Internet USA

Website: darentech.com/

Phone: (505)234 1112/1113

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