Darrell Purdue Council Bluffs Review


As an investor in Mr. Ottis’s products and his life, I am appalled that weasels can get away with slamming someone on the Internet, open a web site using their name as a domain, and steal pictures of them off of other sites to post on theirs. Checking into the situation with people that have worked for Purdue, we were told that his hobby is hacking into peoples sites when he needs something, or wants to snoop on clients or competitors. If this is true, he will eventually get caught, and none to soon. If I had not seen the site posted on Mr. Ottis – JayOttis Fraud Alert, I would not have dug into your past. I don’t see a site that e has built to badger you, threaten you and hurt your business, thus your family. So who is the crook and person with NO integrity? I believe that you will be shamed soon, but then maybe you are not shameable. From a Long time friend and investor in a world class product and person. I Wish Purdue well, he will need God in his life one day or face the judgement.

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