D STAY AWAY ************* This site charges points to chat with people. Points cost .60 you buy points and chat with people. In my case you look at women and this one said she was a Dr. Treating children. First and foremost they have few Drs. It”s too expensive. I played along with the game for a while. She said she was at work treating children. I said ok send me a picture of you working. Well that was the end, never heard from her again. Another said she was a business person. I asked what type business? She said selling ladies clothing. I asked what type clothing no answer. She said she had 30 employees. I asked 30 employees to sell women”s clothing? No answer. I get no answer or I don”t understand. I called the company to complain, take ringers (people getting paid by how long the keep you on line) off site. Of course he does not know what I an taking about. Beware this site only wants your money. STAY AWAY!

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