Dave & Adam’s Card World Review


I recently purchased an ENTIRE case of 1991 Pacific Plus football cards which from past experience, they contain “Specialty cards” and rookie cards of good players. Upon initial viewing, the packs seemed really wrinkled but I basically chalked it up to age as these cards are from 1991 and this is 2017 today. | What makes me suspect of these guys is that I’ve gone through just about 8 boxes. So 1 box contains 36 packs of 14 cards. the case contains 20 boxes total. | Now back in the day, my dad used to buy these same EXACT cards and they guarantee X number of specialty cards, cards of higher value of certain great players of that time. Also this is the year that there are SUPPOSED to be Brett Farve rookie cards in there as well. Now how do I suspect shady business? First, after 8 boxes not one single d**n Brett Farve cards nor any specialty cards whatsoever! there are 20 boxes and not one f*g specialty card and now looking at the individual packs, looks like someone opened the packs, took the good cards out then used a heat source, Blow Dryer?, to seal the packs back up. THAT and the fact that their inventory stated that they didn’t have anymore inventory of these cards. So I could ONLY buy one case. ok, seemed legit as they are old and perhaps hard to come by. That’s reasonable right? Wrong! because the very next day another case was up for sale. | my suspicion: they sell one case at a time, they open a case, search the packs, take the good cards out and fill sh* cards in the packs and use regular tape to close the case. So the night AFTER my purchse, another case mysteriously appears on their site for sale. I suspect they have someone figure out what the valuable cards are, and remove them f*g the customer over with regular sh* cards. | Shady businesses do this sh* all the time and have forever. its no wonder the case was so inexpensive, you don’t get sh*! | be careful of Dave and Adams cards as from my experience, I gave them the initial chance and they screwed me over. I’ll take my business elsewhere


Name: Dave & Adam’s Card World

Country: United States

State: New York

City: Tonawanda

Address: 55 Oriskany Dr

Phone: 716-838-3300

Website: www.dacardworld.com/

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