Dave’s Wholesale Transmissions Review


I had work done on my altima here. First off, they wouldn’t do the work unless i paid up front. My car sat there for almost 8 months without being touched and no one every contacted me about storage fees, etc. So on Feb 7. I paid 1100 to repair the vehicle. A week goes by and nothing. So i call and Mike tells me i need a new engine. So i go to the shop with a mechanic friend to look at the engine that supposedly had so much rust i have to replace it, but I’m refused because no mechanics are in. So I told them to proceed working on the car and I’ll look for engines. I find 3 very reasonable prices in used engines with mullahs ranging from 70k to 110k and prices ranging from 745 to 1200. A few weeks go by and i hear nothing. So once again i call and Mike states that he found an engine with 92k on it but didn’t give me a price. I ask what happened to the engines i actually wanted and he told me that one was sent but it was damaged so he couldn’t use it and the one he got will be there in a few days that it was coming from Shelbyville. So a week goes by and i still don’t have my car and I’m heading to rent cars. So i stop by the shop and Shaun ask what’s the hold up and he says i have to be patient and its worth the wait. Meanwhile, other things are supposedly needing repair adding to my bill. I ask what’s the problem and Mike states no one had worked on an altima before. So another few weeks go by and finally in my car is ready, however, the transmission starts acting funny (no previous Tasmanian problem prior) i ask for the paperwork repeatedly and I’m constantly told i can’t have it. So anyway, I’ve paid 2200 in all. So 2 weeks after my car is “fixed” a house pops off the radiator. They fix it, but i still haven’t received any paperwork. Finally i demand the paperwork and Chris tells me i can pick it up the next day. So after work i still at the shop only to be cursed out and the owner Dave admitted he swapped my engine for a Tasmanian and made 1100 profit and didn’t know anything ably the engine. 4 months later, my engine it’s going bad and needs to be replaced again, and the owner refuses to honor the warranty provided .

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