David Lewis


California, Liar Cheater Man

You are not some top dog who’s s*** doesn’t stink. You are just some gray hair old fart.Just because you are big wig you think you can do what you want. You give men a bad name. Coworkers are talking about what a low life you are and what you are doing to your wife. Never met the woman, but what I here from the gossip tree, pretty good looking and very out going person and doesn’t deserve this or you. Not sure what you feel she did, but my understanding, somebody got into your mind and then screwed you over. Really got engaged and not even divorce and post it on facebook that is a low life. You probably are still lying to your wife and she probably knows nothing. Who is the new w****, does she know your married? Maybe we ought to get the first one together, I also here she gets around. To bad the company does’t have a clause in our contracts about moral and making the company look bad.

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