David Oliver- Inner Circle, David Oliver is scamming bipolar people


Bipolarity is a serious condition that affects millions of people. Whether you are the one that has the disorder or you are close to the person who has it, you feel the effects of the highs and lows. My father was diagnosed with bipolarity, and desperate for a solution, we turned to Inner Circle. | Inner Circle claimed to be a support group and program for those that have the disorder. I was convinced it would be a good thing to join because he talked about how his mother had the bipolar disorder. He really creates an emotional connection with others through his website… too bad it was not real.The subscription to join was around $30 a month. It offered a multitude of materials that I would have access to including coping mechanisms and information about bipolarity. I signed up because I was hopeful that it offered new information other than what I had researched. | By the first day that I subscribed, I realized that I had been conned out of my money and into a continuous payment plan that had nothing to offer. Everything that the subscription had, was what I had already found online and through FREE resources. | I tried to unsubscribe, but they make it, incredibly difficult. I looked everywhere on the site, but there was not a cancellation option. I tried to call their helpline, but I was transferred to someone that told me I could not unsubscribe. That is preposterous.I am still working on unsubscribing, do not get yourself into this mess. Shame on David Oliver for taking advantage of hopeful people.

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