David Styfko Aegis Financial Review


I can’t speak to how good or bad he is as an advisor. I have chosen not to use his services. What I can say is that HE WILL NOT LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE. He keeps calling my work phone. He’s called me at least a dozen times. I’ve told him over and over that I’m not interested in his services. He keeps HARRASSING me. I’ve told him to stop “bothering me.” I’ve hung up on him. He just keeps calling. He’s even had the nerve to ask me if I was going to “apologize” to him for not taking his advice on some stupid stock he was selling. He admonishes me (makes fun?) for using a traditional financial advisor who “doesn’t do what he does.” I’ve gotten to the point where I won’t answer my phone for fear it’s him again. He called me ‘cold’ initiaily and will not tell me how he got my number. He just will NOT stop bothering me! The good news is that I’m retiring in another month and his future calls will go to an empty desk ?


Name: David Styfko Aegis Financial

Country: United States

State: New York

City: Mellville

Address: 510 Broadhollow Rd. Suite 104



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