Davionne Latisse Eversley – Stone Mountain, Georgia Georgia


This is Davionne Latisse Eversley and she has no class and no remorse with her part in helping trifflin men get away with leaving their girlfriends,wives, partners and kids behind just so she can pursue her selfish desires with the losers. I must say I am thankful for her stupidity because it saved me from years of tears. Now she is pregnant by one of the losers she dealt with that was still in a relationship with his kids mom and sadly the jerk was living with the kids mom at the time and she knew all about it but it did not stop her from treading on with wickedness. Unfortunately the former lady(kids mom) is expecting too (with the same loser) however her child is due before Davionne’s little boy. I really hate it for the kids but when you have selfish women and men like Davionne and trifflin people in general out here willing to step out with these Demonic temptations you have confusion and broken homes.

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