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Regarding the fraudulent operations of Davison Design, the FTC has shared with us following their successful law suits of over 40 million dollars that Davison Design & Development is a promotional Invention ” SCAM ” Business. If you have any desire to know the truth, google the word of ” SCAM ” and check out the meaning, simply stated, it means DISHONEST in dealing, SWINDLE in nature, and down right FRAUDULENT as a completed statement of facts. I personally have been engaged in an eight year battle of frustration, lies, manipulations, theft, and have proven testimony evidence of their total fraud. I received a letter from the US Postal Service identifying me as a victim of MAIL fraud and Davison Design being the culprit, seems the charging $385.00 for the supposedly REPACKAGING of clients projects and then just sending out CONCEPT RENDERING ( EMAILS ) was considered to be criminal by the Postal Service. Then I received a letter from the US Postal Service sharing with me that their criminal mail fraud charges against Davison had been shut down by the PA Attorney Generals office and would not be allowed to start up again, Kerput, over, finished. If you are interested, google the PA Attorney Generals office with the information pertaining to the shut down of three ( 3 ) bribery law suits the PA Attorney was engaged with. Seems the Attorney General ( Kane ) is in some deep stuff by dropping all charges, people are wondering just why justice is not being served for all concerned. If interested, contact me [protected]@msn.com I can prove beyond a shadow of any doubt that Davison is crooked as my hind leg with documented proof of evidence. I challenge Davison to sue me for slander so I can share my information in a court of law, my problem is that Davison along with their legal staff is not only crooked but also very much a common coward. These persons that come on line saying how great Davison operation are, have to be on the time clock, there is no other answer. In reading Davison”s comments as they attempt to discredit inventors that complain, they say we inventors are simply DISGRUNTLED inventors because our inventions did not make it in the real world. Shortly after I was charged with BREACH OF CONTRACT following my eight years of shame when I took the initiative and contacted the reviewing company that was supposed to be reviewing my putting aid and found out that they did not know me, had not received anything from Davison, nor did any of the many other companies that Davison had sent emails to, all they wanted to receive was ready made products, not ideas to take to market. Following all of that, I contacted a Lady Professional Golfer name of KATHY G JENSEN Google her and see her credentials, she was the 2014 Nationally Claimed Golf Instructor of the year and is the present IEPGA President. Kathy agreed to test and review my Golf Putting Aid Trainer and came back to me with joy stating, IT WORKS, IT WORKS REALLY GREAT. Kathy wants to ENDORSE it when it is ready for the golfing market. I share this with you Davison lovers, because it goes to discount the term Disgruntled that Davison has stated we inventors are. Thanks for listening. Ron Craig..

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