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Sir, I would like to introduce myself giving services as an Exclusive Dealer having Dealer Ship code-2883 of Dawlance sales office Rawalpindi in G-9 Markaz (Karachi Company) Islamabad Pakistan since year 2006. Since that time, I have marketed and sold Dawlance products only up-till now I have managed to transact Rs 500 Million approximately in competition to other market brands during this span of last 12 years period. That I have done business with Dawlance Islamabad only having no other relationship with any one in other cities, which can be witnessed in my ledgers with Dawlance at any time. In the month of August, 2015, I inquire from Dawlance Company about ledger and details of the delivered goods which have been issued to me so far, and I am astonished to see that some amount was reflected in the given detail as disputed amount against my account. I latterly, sent an e-mail to Mr. Bashir Dawood, the ex-MD Dawlance that the issue of disputed amount should be resolved, keeping in view my previous record of payment. He sent a four member team, headed by Mr. Asif Mushtaq, Zonal Manager along with Mr.Adil Durani Br Manager, Zaheer Sales Manager & Mr Fraz Sales Manager Rawalpindi Branch and reiterated that the disputed amount issue will settled and promised that the said amount will be adjusted in near future. In the month of September, 2017, Mr. Zaheer, resumed the charge as Zonal Sales Manager Rawalpindi and stopped the delivery of goods in my favour without mentioning any reason to this effect and started to blackmail on the basis of my post dated cheques which were issued to Dawlance Sales Office Rawalpindi. They not only stopped the delivery of the goods, but also started threaten me because of which my wife and my whole family got disturb. I am continuously asking either in discussions and also in writing to settle my issues with Dawlance but they never pay heed to them and are erecting walls against me by mal-practicing and wrong doings. A very interesting part of this whole episode is this, that Mr. Zaheer, Zonal Sales Manager, Rawalpindi, handing over my post dated cheques to Mr Arshad khan at Lahore Brach and Mr Sajid Baloch at Multan branche with mala-fide intention/ulterior motives without delivery of any goods, just to torcher me and my family and registrated a fake order 37 Suit in Lahare and Multan and then also registered a fake FIR at Lahore by Mr Arshad Khan and Multan by Mr Sajid Baloch, whereas I never been involved in business deals with Multan and Lahore branches of Dawlance. It is also very pertinent to mentioned here that goods of 800, 000/- from Lahore and 1000, 000/- from Multan was also included in my account, whereas I never dealt with the Lahore or Multan branch ever since, I started the business with Dawlance. That it pertinent to mention here that I has no direct relationship with the Dawlance Sales office Lahore / Multan, due to stoppage of invoicing / purchase of product two months ago, I stopped the payment of cheques in the favour of M/s Dawlance Rawalpindi despite the fact that the I contacted numerous authorities of M/s Dawlance Pvt Ltd including Mr. Salih Arsaln Tass C.E.O, Hassan jamil Country Sales Manger Pakistan, Mr. Talal Country Sales Head Karachi, Mr.Rouf Finance Head Head office Karachi, Mr. Asif Mushtaq Butt Regional Sales Manager, Major Ajmad Karachi. Due to negative behavior of Mr. Zaheer, Zonal Sales Manager, a civil suit titled RENDITION OF ACCOUNTS, CANCELLATION OF CHEUQES AND PERMANENT INJUNTION before the honorable court of Mr. Muhammad Shoaib Akhter Civil Judge 1st Class (West) Islamabad. I also have the wish that all outstanding bilateral issues be settled amicably. I have managed to deposit more or less Rs 8 Million (Eight million) in shape of follow-up, legal charges / court fees. But the fact is that I am not a defaulter to Dawlance. Sir, due to non-settlement of the financial issues raised by Dawlance Sales Branch Rawalpindi, I am very much disturbed not only mentally but also socially, and financially. Who is to bear the losses and the pressures which I have to defend and the time consumed along-with rent of my shop and legal expenses which I am expending. Sir, I am approaching your good-self to intervene into my genuine grievances and resolve it at the earliest, enabling me to run my business in better way. Sir, I have no other source of income which has been badly ruined not only my business but also affected me socially, financially and mentally. Waiting for a positive response from your good-self. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and support.

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