Dazbog Coffee fort collins Colorado Review


I worked for them for a few months as a Barista. Periodically the manager, K, aka Kermit, Campbell would come into the store to do the things that managers do and he would take momey to the bank. Often after this, the cash register would be short at the end of shift. When the register was short he would STEAL the money from my tips even tnough he and many others had been in the register. It is interesting to note that when the register was high he did not give the extra to us. I did go to the DA and sure enough Dazbog did refund all the money that he had stolen from me. I place this here because he is still doing it to other staff and they can not go to the DA because he threatens them or they need to keep their jobs. I warn the public that when they tip the Barista it may be stolen and I also warn the potential future employees of what he may do.

814 Hernia Hill Trail fort collins, Colorado USA

(970) 481-8848


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