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I have made a number of attempts to obtain my 2018 1099 fro, Ms Gauldin owner of Dazia Solutions, LLC | 2/20/19 – first request via text (vmail was full no message could be left) | 2/25/19- 2nd request , | Response received: " Yes. Let me go online | 2/27/19- 3rd request- looking for update to her response " let me go online" | 3/5/19- 4th reqeust | 3/7/19 – 5th request | 3/11/19- 6th request | 3/14/19- response received that she just checking messages and apologies says she was going through an audit and she just spoke to them again (who is them??) and was told they sent to her P.O Box instead of to me. She was heading there now to get them and will send to me today. | 3/15/19- 7th request followed up on sending to me on 3/14 | 3/2519- 8th request | This has been one of the most unprofessional things I have ever experienced. I truly do not understand what the delay is. | If anyone out there can share any possible solutions it would be appreciated

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