I filled out a survey and was offered a prize. I selected a watch and gave my credit card to cover nominal shipping. I read part of the agreement and it looked like all others so I clicked “accept”. A week later I received a very large, very heavy wrist watch with a wrist band sized to fit a much larger man. The cost to have it shortened so I forgot it.
A month later I received a black version of the same watch. I started to investigate and before I could track down the source I got a third watch (the same as the first). Then I found charges for $98 and $49 on my credit card statement. I tracked down the phone number and called customer service.
Customer service sited the agreement where it stated I had, by not stating otherwise, agreed to become a member and would receive a watch every month. I rapidly had my account closed. I requested information on how to return for refund. I was advised that I had agreed to a “strict no return, no refund policy”.
On a good day the watches are not worth $49. They are sized to fit a large wrist and it is 1/2″ too large for me. They state I would receive a different watch each month however i have 2 identical ones and a black version of the same model.
The company is using poor business practices and taking advantage of a situation where one just wants the process to be over. No refund, no return is bad business when one of the things is already too many.. I demand return products and refund of charges. Stay away

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