Dealer Services, AKA Royal Protection Plan, AKA Heritage Warranty Insurance, AKA Michael Shaftel Long Beach Washington Review


In September 2006 I was contacted by Dealer Services who represented themselves as Dodge Chrysler and wanted to sell me an extended warranty for my Dodge truck. They were well informed as to the legal details of my truck and their offer seemed resonable so I had little doubt that they were who they said they were and purchased their plan by giving them my debit card information and they in-turn sent me a payment book and other information. nI left for my yerly vacation to Yuma Arizona the following October and made two payments during the transition. In December my truck had a problem with the power steering pump and I had to call the dealership in Arizona to have it towed into their shop. nWhile there I asked about a rental car and showed them the paperwork for my recent extended warranty. That’s when I realized that Dealer Services was not in ANY way affilliated with Dodge. So I called Dealer Services myself and asked about a rental. I was told my policy would not even go into effect until March 2007. Already furious that I had been lied too I requested cancellation and followed their instructions to the letter. nDealer Services kept more than $500.00 of the more than $1000.00 I paid them claiming that it’s because the policy was pro-rated for the date when the truck went into service. This ran counter to their claim that my policy didn’t even go into effect until March 2007. nTo you Michael Shaftel you have a lot of trouble coming and you would do well to run and hide while you still can. I have recently completed my response to the Trenton BBB, filed a complaint with the FTC, IRS and NJ State Attorney General and today will be mailing my response to the Honorable Jon Corzine, Governor of New Jersey. You don’t want to seem to respond to me with more than double talk from your representatives but I assure you my friend you will respond to the above authorities. nHowardnLong Beach, WashingtonU.S.A.

3430 Sunset Ave Trenton, New Jersey U.S.A.


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