Deanna L Brown Farminton, Livonia, Southfield, Michigan Michigan


My husband and I have been married 31 years. Something I was so proud of, especially with all the ups and downs with raising 5 kids together. He having health issues 1-stroke 2 heart attacks, prostate cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney renal failure. As well as being there for his aging parents whom I love as my own. In 2007 we lost Dad to cancer, which profoundly affected him, always missing him (both of us) || Well, in the spring of 2012 my husband decided to lose weight and get in shape. I at the time worked full time midnights and taking care of mom and an Uncle who has lived with mom and dad since he was 18, who were having health issues. As well as helping with the grandchildren. Sadly didn’t leave as much time for us. He did really well with exercise and diet. Now this is where the Homewrecker comes in, she was a customer who came into his work all the time (he was a service write up manager in a full service gas station) he would flex his muscles showing off his weight loss to anyone. She started giving compliments and they started texting on 5-24-2012. Mind you he had a wedding ring on his finger, stuck and can’t remove it, along with his Dads band. She knew he was married. She’s still legally married as well but separated. Because get this her husband cheated on her and went as far as to bring the woman home and wanted to have a threesome! Why would you do it to another woman if it was done to you? || On Father’s Day I tried to give him a nice cookout with the kids. He treated me so badly that my daughter noticed. I told her I thought he was interested in someone else. So that night I went through our cell phone bill. Found a number he’d been texting and calling, especially after I was at work (midnights) when he was supposed to be a sleep. The next day I had a friend call, got me a name. I forgot to mention his cousin from California was visiting us at the time. I met him at his work when he got off and told him we needed to talk but he didn’t want to until his cousin left in 3 weeks. I said no way, who is Deanna and how long and how far it went. He tells me at first just kissing, I say ok we can work with that but something tells me to ask again he says I don’t want to hurt you. Well I’m expecting him to say kissing again takes a few seconds to sink in he has screwed her. Which I can’t believe because ever since his prostate cancer 5-6years ago (which he had to have a reconstruction done) which I took time off of work without pay to take care of him, he has been calling the shots as far as our lovemaking as he was unhappy with his performance. I was willing to do without if it meant he was alive and still here with me. I have loved him since I was 9 years old he was12. My first love. We got together 12 years and 5 kids later. || She’s not only a Homewrecker but a gold digger. She saw his 1800 Goldwing motorcycle, 73 Mustang 09 Taurus that he drove every day and knew he was retired from Ford Motor Co. plus working at the service station, so she thought she had a sugar daddy. After just 3 weeks she asked him to get a place together. The day that I found out and confronted him he went to stay with his mom and he text me 3 days later asking to come talk. After 30 years of loving him and building a life together, I wanted to know why?? As I had chances to cheat and didn’t. He came over and he said he was unhappy about his job, life in general, loss, and losing his parents. That he still loved me but he let the attention she gave him go to his head. She was an easy lay (his words not mine) and she diverted his attention off his responsibilities. Even though I gave him compliments and encouragement he didn’t believe me. Figured I was his wife just saying it. She seen the vulnerability and went after him. || Even when he told her he was working it out with me, she wouldn’t leave him alone calling, texting his phone we had to have number changed. She was calling his work as well as sending letters and also sent a letter to his boss complaining about him like it couldn’t be figured out that it was her. He kept apologizing for bring her into our lives. She told him about the last guy she was involved with hard time letting go and he got the police on her. I had already spoken with police even though he had an affair with her once he told her to leave him alone, than any contact after is considered stalking which I called, as well as text her to inform her that was our next step. || I’m not going to say this wasn’t and still is painful. I have changed. I totally have trust issues and am working on our marriage every day. I never realized how many women are out there that don’t care if a man is married or in a relationship. They go after another woman man not caring about the families they are helping to ruin. He told me her body wasn’t great either as she was heavy at one time and lost weight. She floated from job to job. And why she wanted to get a place together was because she was being evicted out of the trailer she lived in. He realizes she was after someone to help pay her bills. Ladies if you see her keep your man close and don’t trust her. She has unprotected sex. Causing anyone involved with her to have to go through months of health testing.

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