Deborah Lajoie – Fort Lauderdale, Florida Florida


Back in 2008 I made a mistake that got myself into trouble with the law,this is where it all started and hasnít seemed to stop. my boyfriend at the time always promised me that if I did go to prison he would stay faithful and stand by my side, I did go to prison for 11 months. when i got sent away dale had to move back to NY with our two daughters and stay with family. †I was in FLA. things seemed to be looking up for dale and our girls he got a good job and a place to live, he wrote letters, sent money and always told me how much I would love the new place that they were living in and how much he missed and loved me. || This was 2 months into my incarceration…soon after that the letters stopped,the money stopped..and donít with me wrong i put myself there and i know it had to have been differencult on him. i got letters from him maybe once every other week the kids wrote but never said anything about him and debbie because i was in prison and my kids didnít want to hurt me my oldest daughter told me that her new friend she went to school with…. her mother knew dale from when they were kids and that they would talk and have coffee together.. she knew he was with me she knew i was in prison>> red flags are popping up all over in my head i never flet so powerless in my life but again i trusted what he said and just tried to do my time the best way i knew how. I did’nt hear anything from dale in about a month but got a letter from DCF stateing that my oldest dughter was in trouble in school and that a social worker would be calling the prison to speak with me..i didn’t know any of the details..just he would call..found out that she wasn’t going to school and she got caught with pills that were not her’s but her new friend(debbie’s daughter) and she was kicked out of blood is boiling!!! and to top it off i couldn’t call home because I didn’t have money on my phone account. || I had one of the girls that i became friends with make a 3 way call home talked to my daughter and she said dad wasn’t home..he was at our friend rob’s house…now i know something isn’t right. I got a christmas card from him” Saying my loving wife” on the front of it and inside how much he missed me and our life when i got out was gonna be so good..he was gonna buy me new clothes and spoil the hell out of me..he felt bad for not writting said he was working alot…the following week he lost his job right before christmas…i felt horrilbe for him and my girls. I never got a letter from him saying its over and he’s involed with someone else…its funny my two girl told me years later that debbie along with dale sat them both down and explained that they were in a relationship…and they knew he was still with me…any pictures of dale and i he would make the girls take them down or put the in their room so it would’nt upset debbie…thats just pathelic…and there is a list i could go on and on…i did marry him on 12/04/2010 he told things were over between him and debbie and it was the worst mistake he’s ever made…he wanted another chance for us to be happy so i forgave him got married and moved back to ny…thought evrything was going well between us until i found text messages from her and e-mails..oh and she’s suppose to be a good christian women…but text and e-mails a married man…yeah i am done with this bullshit..come and please get your prize bitch!!!

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