Deborah Tuttle Review


In 1999 Deborah Tuttle and Richard Tuttle recieved $93,000 in return for a 50% interest in 2,900,000 shares in a company called SKG intractive. In return for the money Deborah was to hold 1,450,000 shares in trust and deliver them to the person that paid the $93,000 one year later. This obligation was covered by a trust agreement that she signed and was drafted by her lawyer. The agreement specifically said that she could not sell,transfer,change ownership or in any way deal with shares without written permission. When the year was up instead of delivering the shares as required Deborh Tuttle changed the ownership and deposited the shares into a brokerage account set up for Deborah and Rick Tuttle’s company. They did not inform the broker that there was another owner .if they had done so the shares would not have been allowed to be deposited or sold. Deborah did not show the trust agreement to the broker,the transfer agent and never asked for advice from her lawyer. the transactions were kept secret and 700,000 shares were sold without proper authorization for a profit of aproximately $140,000. Deborh and Rick Tuttle lied about selling shares in writing and never delivered the share to the person that paid $93,000. The money was used to maintain their afluent lifestyle which included private schools, vacation properties and an upscale home. It took a long time to uncover the theft and get the proper evidence. In 2014 Deborah Tuttle was charged with Theft over $5000 and Uttering Forged Documents. This after a Justice of the Peace heard all of the testimony which include that of a retired Detective with 20 years of Fraud experience and a Broker with 30 years experience with investments and trusts. | Deborah Tuttle was motivated by greed and maintaining her lifestyle. She made over $200,000 and the person who the shares when the Tuttle’s were desperate for cash recieved nothing and was lied to.


Name: Deborah Tuttle

Country: Canada


City: Collingwood, Ontario




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