Decapolis Clothing West Chester Pennsylvania Review


Decapolis is an online clothing wholesale company that operates under different vendor names, in this case “Zen Spell””. Like many online stores you pick the item you want

the color

the quantityetc. and put them in your shopping bag.I had done business with them before without any problems. On this occasion all of the items that I placed in my shopping bag showed the regular price and then a 30% off sale price in bright red. I went back that day and placed two more orders because of this price reduction. When I checked out my invoice total was for $471.38 + S&H. I didn’t know it at the time but my credit card was charged a total of $696.51 ($673.40 for merchandise + $23.11 S&H). That’s $202.02 more than the invoice total.When my shipment arrived there was a note that said “”…as far as the 30% discount shown on the invoice we have no idea where they’re coming from but FashionGo (a co-op that they sell through) has been having a lot of glitches lately.””I called them immediately to ask why I hadn’t been notified before they ran my credit card and shipped the merchandise and told them I expected a refund for the $202. They refused. I told them very nicely that if they didn’t want to issue a refund that a store credit would be acceptable. Again no. I even went so far as asking if we could split the difference. Still no. And here comes the kicker

they told me I would be charged a 15% restocking fee (over $100) if I were to return the clothing.My credit card company wasn’t helpful either. Since I had athorized a charge they couldn’t do anything about it being for a different amount. I don’t understand that either.Anyway

I left them a negative feed back score on a previous purchase made through a different co-op. I received a vicious reply that ended with the sentence “”Lady what you need is proffesional help””.Customer Service aside

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