Decathlon Complaint


Background As someone who has frequently purchased items from Decathlon stores in Europe I was disappointed with the service at the Gurgaon store. More than disappointed I am concerned about the privacy implications of the policies, or possible interpretation of these policies by Decathlon employees. I”m hoping that you address this seemingly minor complaint keeping in mind the broader implications of this incident. Incident: I was refused service because I did not want to provide a mobile number or an email address. I was told by the employees that Decathlon policy requires either a Cell phone number or an email ID before they can make a sale. I refused to provide either and spoke to the employees manager – who informed me of the same. I was told I can leave the store if I want but they would not sell me the requested items unless I provided an email address or phone number. The behaviour of the employee in question and his manager was curt and impolite, but that”s besides the point. Follow up Decathlon Legal counsel has confirmed that as per Decathlon policy in India it is MANDATORY for any customer to provide their cell phone number / email address if they would like to make a purchase. Without this information the store will refuse to make a sale to the customer. Store Location: Omaxe Celebration mall Subhash Chowk Sohna Road, Sector 48 Gurgaon 122001 Date of Incident 18th June, 2016 Approx. 3PM Resolution Desired Decathlon should relook at their policy making it mandatory for customers to provide their cell phone / email address 1. It is discriminatory towards individuals who may not have access to a cell phone / email address 2. It violates privacy rights for individuals who have a cell phone but may not be willing to provide a number due to PII concerns. This is a valid concern and should not be the basis for preventing a customer from purchasing items at Decathlon Thank you

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